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Robert Singleton BA

Photography is not about the thing photographed. It is about how that thing looks photographed. – Garry Winogrand.

I am semi-retired, based in Lancashire in the Ribble Valley and like to photograph the landscape.

My aim is not just to make pretty pictures, I don’t really like “biscuit tin lid imagery” instead I try to address the way man has changed the environment for his own use, both for good and evil

A few years ago I returned to college to study Photography planning a career change and graduated in 2008 with a First Class BA but instead of finding a new occupation I found a deep interest in the Arts in general

I am now interested in Photography for its own sake, and enjoy the time I spend in galleries as much as the time I spend behind the camera.

I like to expore the medium and no-longer want it to be a means to earn a living. I relish the freedom of shooting photographs purely for the love of it.

And I dabble (the joy of being an amateur). I will try most genres but consider myself a documentary photographer at heart

A lot of my work is now digital but I am a traditionalist and love the physicality of film and the peace of the darkroom