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Around three years ago I graduated with a 1st class BA in photography.

My concern in my final year was the representation of cultural identity and I wrote my degree thesis on that subject concentrating largely on travel photography. However it did bring home to me that as photographers there can be a very real danger of simply shooting to a script and coming away from an experience with the images you were expected to get the not images of what was actually there.

We have all experienced the time spent in front of a landmark or tourist site were you stand for ages with your camera ready waiting for the tourists to get out of the way so that you can take the picture.

The picture suggests that you are alone before the motif whereas of course that is not the case and we are deliberately distorting reality. The true picture of an African safari is a group of minibuses surrounding a few helpless lions not a picture of a lion standing majestically alone above its kill.

It dawned on me in my final year that we somehow assume that great photographers become great photographers because they had access to great locations. However when you look around you see that in reality the great photographers simply photographed the locations that they had access to. In other words the pictures which really matter are those immediately outside your door.

This blog is therefore devoted to my attempt to photograph the world on my doorstep and I am especially fortunate that the world on my doorstep is so diverse.

I intend this blog simply to be an online scrapbook, a place to organise those things and writings I dicover or stumble across and which I hope will come in handy in my documentary projects.

A sort of magpie’s nest.

If there is a higher purpose it is simply to spur me on and to give me somewhere to put my projects and research as they develop but before they are fit for full public consumption, and I can write safe in the knowledge that I will be the only reader.