A New Camera

I’ve just bought another view camera on Ebay. This one is a Sinar and its to complement the old MPP. The MPP is a bit worn and the movements don’t lock up that well but it is robust and can fold up into a back pack so I think I’ll keep it.
It’s an old Sinar F.
It obviously has a good range of movements and is nice and solid but it’s not as portable since it doesn’t fold and is a bit more fragile. However since I plan to use it for architecture and townscapes it won’t be going all that far from the car.

I don’t have any lens boards yet but have cut cardboard ones to play with and plan to use this with the wide angle lenses that are a pain on the MPP. However I only have a straight bellows at the moment so I don’t know how much movement I’ll get.
I’ll add a 75mm with a good sized image circle to my Santa list.

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