The first image

I suppose that the vignetting does give the image that nice period look. Unfortunately it arises because the 135mm lens I was using does not have sufficient coverage to cope with the amount of rise needed due to the tight location.

However the image is gratifying for a number of technical reasons largely concerning the darkroom process. I have now exhausted my previous supply of developer and this image was the first developed with a new batch of Pyrocat HD which I have formulated in glycol rather than deionised water.

Since I rebuilt my darkroom I have been using up some Retro Pyro for film processing and the Pyrocat does appear to have given a much smoother tonal range.

I will have to try it out on some Tri X to see what happens. My most recent processing efforts have been with my holiday snaps which for reasons of portability were shot on 35mm TriX which is a different beast entirely to 5×4 FP4.

It could be that by reverting to FP4 at 64 ISO I have just moved back into my comfort zone and to a process which simply works.