On my way home

One of the joys of travel these days is the time it gives you stuck at airports and on planes to catch up on your reading.

Quite some time ago I bought Working the Room by Geoff Dyer for my Kindle but never got round to reading it. Still havent if truth be known because much as I love Geoff’s writing it does take a lot of concentration and one or two essays at a time is all I can take.

I read the Ongoing Moment when I was a student but find that this book is more inspirational and I finally feel the urge to take up the camera again and do something with it not just make pretty pictures.

Graduating left me empty. I found the entire last year and the rushed final project dispiriting and put away the gear till now. Its taken 3 years but I’ve decided to make a start and building this site is the first step in what I hope will become a long journey.